Horsham required to build 1,000 – 1,400 new homes every year until 2036

The Government requires Horsham District to find sites for between 1,000 and 1,400 new homes a year until 2036.

The Horsham District Local Plan is out for public consultation until March 30th. It sets out 46 policies including housing provision, green infrastructure, local green space, transport infrastructure and healthy communities.

You can see the Local Plan on the website www.horsham.gov.uk/localplan. There are details of a number of proposals for large-scale development sites across the District.

You may wonder how all the services such as schools, health, water, sewage provision and transport are to be provided, and what effect all these new homes will have on those that already live in the District? There is little in the plan about this, and your comments, thoughts and feelings are essential.

You may wish to comment about a lack of proposals for affordable housing for young families or young people.

You may be concerned about the impact on our environment, in this area we are fortunate to have St Leonards Forest, and areas of green space like Bennetts field, two small pocket Parks in New Street and, of course, Horsham Park, but there are already advanced plans to build 1100 houses on Rookwood Golf Course, adjacent to Warnham Nature Reserve.

In addition to Golfers, many people use the course to walk, exercise their dogs and cycle or just enjoy the wildlife in the Red River and ponds.

The loss of Rookwood potentially affects all the residents of our Town, it will surely have an effect on the Nature reserve and is another green space scheduled to disappear. Once lost, it will never be reinstated as a green space for families to enjoy. Will development in this location increase the risk of flooding elsewhere in the town?

You may ask whether land near Chesworth farm could be at risk of further development? The Local Plan states that local green and open spaces should be protected. BUT read on and you will see that in some circumstances development can occur.

We have a duty to provide housing, as more people want to move to this part of England. We know that there will possibly be large development such as at Ifield, stretching eventually to the Faygate roundabout, and we already have the North Horsham development starting soon, so we cannot be accused of Nimbyism. We need a plan that will ensure the whole District takes its share of houses and your comments will be invaluable.

Please let our Council know what you think – your views are vital. For advice on how to submit comments, email [email protected] or phone 01403 215100.

(Picture shows Forest Lib Dem Councillors Dr David Skipp and Godfrey Newman at Rookwood Golf Course - a site ear-marked by the Conservative-run District Council for 1,100 new homes)

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