Beautiful places: Buchan Country Park

by Sam Raby

Buchan Country Park is one of many wonderful places in Horsham district where people can get out and about in nature.

The site sits right on the doorstep of Crawley, yet feels peaceful and wild. It is being sensitively managed to enhance its biodiversity and is already home to dragonflies, nightjars and carpets of Bluebells amongst the trees in the spring.

Spending time in woodland is thought to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.  This is beneficial at any time but particularly so during our current lockdown and restrictions. That the park is within walking distance for lots of people makes it the perfect place for many people to take their daily exercise. It is easily accessible on foot from both the Broadfield and Bewbush districts and from Kilnwood Vale via the pedestrian crossing over the A284. It has over 170 acres of open space making it easy to keep 2 metres apart whilst to walking, cycling, run or even taking your dog for a dip in a pond.

Buchan Country Park is currently open via the public rights of way network. The car park is closed at the weekends and may be shut midweek if it gets too busy. The toilets and visitor centre are also closed.

Hopefully, when restrictions decrease and it becomes safer to do so, the park has a regular van serving coffee and also purpose-built BBQ spots so you can have a cook out with family and friends, even if you don’t have a garden.

This beautiful place to walk was submitted by Sam Raby, local Lib Dem member


Beautiful Places

Lockdown can be stressful. Our movements and travel have been restricted. However, we know that getting outside in nature can have a positive impact on our mental health. Dr Mathew White, from the University of Exeter, explained in a recent BBC article, "Even a brief nature fix - 10 minutes of wind brushing across our cheek, or the sun on our skin - can lower stress."

Living in Horsham and Crawley we are lucky to be surrounded by countryside and so many beautiful places to walk. In a series of posts titled Beautiful Places we are highlighting some of our members' favourite places to go to experience nature on our doorsteps for their daily exercise.

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