Coronavirus (COVID-19) response in our community

Recently Sir Ed Davey wrote to all Liberal Democrats asking us to turn our campaigning zeal wholeheartedly towards helping our communities during this Coronavirus crisis.

Our primary focus will be on our efforts to help our community deal with the impact of COVID19. Of course there are still relevant local issues besides COVID19 that will merit engagement and response. We will continue to keep you updated on issues of a timely nature. Please check this website for news.

Sir Ed said, “We’re a party that cares about people, cares about communities and cares about the most vulnerable. I’m proud of this party, and I’m sure we will all rise to this national challenge.”

We encourage you to use and promote only trusted sources for information on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please see a short list below:

We have already seen changes in Horsham as our amazing libraries and museums have closed.  At the same time several local groups and organisations are directing their efforts  to tackle this crisis in our community. Please see where you might be able to help out:

For the latest advice from our part, please see:

As Sir Ed reminded us, we can make a difference.

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