Lib Dem motion to tackle the impact of banking closures on local communities wins cross-party support

At the 22 June 2022 meeting, Horsham District Council passed a Liberal Democrat motion introduced by Cllr Clive Trott, Denne, asking Council to proactively address bank closures across the district.

The motion noted that a range of possible replacements for traditional banking services have already been trialled nationally by the Cash Action Group, including alternatives to banks, and asked that Council explore these and all other possible solutions.

The motion drew positive comments and contributions from all parties during the subsequent debate and, following a minor amendment to formally recognise the work already done by the Council on this matter, was passed with cross-party support.

Seconding the motion, Cllr Martin Boffey, Lib Dem Group Leader stated:

“We do recognise that technology moves on and things change, but we also need to be cognisant of those who cannot always keep up with that, or whose business models do not allow them to change at the pace required.

“I think it is incumbent on us as a council to try to help our residents and small businesses in our community wherever we can.”

Cash remains vital for older people and small charities. During the current cost of living crisis, cash can also serve as the surest way to avoid overspending.

For more information, see our earlier story on this motion: Where have all the banks gone? Horsham Lib Dems ask Horsham District to explore solutions for customers left without access to banks and cash.

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