Maintain Nursery Funding for Those Staying Safe at Home

Do you have children at nursery school?  The week starting 18 January is when your nursery’s funding for the whole year is decided on. But instead of basing this on how many children are registered, as you would expect, the Government plans to see how many children actually turn up.

This means that if you’re currently keeping your child at home because of covid 19, then the nursery will be penalised with a reduction in funding. Not only is this unfair on the nursery, it could even lead to parents feeling they have to bring in their child against their will.

We therefore call on West Sussex County Council to immediately follow the lead of other local authorities and base headcount numbers on roll rather than attendance. This will support parents who want to keep their children at home, during a week that Professor Whitty has warned will be one of the worst of the pandemic.

Sign the petition to Maintain Nursery Funding for Those Staying Safe at Home started by Mid-sussex Liberal Democrats.

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