Black Lives Matter

Horsham Liberal Democrats are standing in solidarity with black communities in the USA, UK and around the world.  We know we are living through a moment in history where our values are challenged, and as liberals we stand on the side of racial and social justice.

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Protect our Open Spaces - Respond to HDC Survey

Our parks and open spaces have always been very precious to us. And that’s even more true today, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Now your chance to say how they matter to you!

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Become a Member and Vote for our New Leader

Welcome to the Liberal Democrat leadership election. Now is the perfect time to become a party member, and help us choose the best person to lead us into the future.


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Rights for All

Horsham Liberal Democrats are asking residents to write to their MP to fight against a threat to rights that LGBT+ people have only just gained.

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Lib Dems call for scientific evidence on school reopening

Last Friday morning teachers across the country were furious to wake up to a headline in the Daily Mail declaring that they should be allowed to be heroes.  It read that “magnificent staff … are desperate to get back to the classroom – but militant unions are standing in their way.”  The “magnificent staff” and “militant unions” are of course one and the same and what of the thousands of concerned parents, would such elements of the press describe them as militant too.

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Councillor Skipp named as Vice Chairman of Horsham District Council


At yesterday’s meeting of the Horsham District Council, Liberal Democrat Councillor Dr David Skipp was confirmed as Vice Chairman of the Council for the municipal year 2020-21. Councillor Skipp will serve as Vice Chairman for one year, supporting Councillor Karen Burgess as Chairman of the Council for her year in the role.

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Government says ‘No’ to Horsham's housing target appeal - again

An urgent appeal by Horsham District Council to reduce our housing target in light of the COVID-19 outbreak has just been refused once again. We continue to hurtle towards a deadline in November, when we have to approve enough new giant estates to meet a likely target of 1400 new houses every single year.

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Better ventilation - the forgotten transmission route of COVID-19

Ventilation advice - how to go back to work safely

Lib Dem Councillor John Milne says, "Horsham Liberal Democrats are calling on West Sussex County and Horsham District Councils to ensure that all non-domestic buildings in the area, including schools, shops and offices, are properly assessed to ensure ventilation systems are working effectively to circulate outdoor air, so that the risk of infection is reduced as much as possible."

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Beautiful Places 2: St. Leonard's Forest

Steeped in legends and myths as well as natural beauty, St. Leonard’s Forest lies on the eastern fringe of Horsham, not far southwest from Crawley. This Forestry England managed site is open to the public, and marks the western boundary of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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Lib Dems call for urgent action for safe COVID-19 travel

On Saturday the government instructed councils to act urgently and reallocate road space for much larger numbers of pedestrians and cyclists.

It has taken the coronavirus and a massive drop in traffic on the roads to see quite how much of our public space is normally given over to cars. There’s a stark contrast between the empty expanse of tarmac on our roads and the people on our pavements who don’t have enough space to pass without breaking social distancing.

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