Lib Dems support plans to open up town centre roads to pedestrians

We welcome WSCC’s announcement to open up several Horsham town centre roads to pedestrians between 10:30am and 10:30pm. These temporary measures will make it easier for businesses, especially restaurants, to put out tables and operate safely on the highway. It will also allow for pedestrians to maintain social distance with greater ease, reducing the risk of infection.

Businesses will be allowed to receive deliveries as normal before 10:30am. Parking remains available in the nearby Piries Place car park, with accessible parking on the ground floor. We are looking for WSCC to clarify that East St will still be open to cyclists as normal.

Cllr Matt Allen, Shadow Cabinet member for the Local Economy and Parking said: “I’m very pleased with this decision. The hospitality and leisure sectors are the hardest hit areas of our economy and it’s vitally important that they are given all the help they can again as reopening progresses.”

“Thanks to the hard work of our Liberal Democrat Denne Councillors, in consultation with local businesses, consumers can shop with greater ease and safety.”

“These new changes will support local businesses, all the while making it easier for pedestrians to travel around our town centre, safe in the knowledge that there are greater opportunities for social distancing.”

“The Horsham Lib Dems will continue working with officers in HDC so that licensing agreements can be changed to allow for restaurant seating in these open spaces to take place. It is important that these agreements are changed as soon as possible to allow for business to take advantage of the summer weather.”

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