A Personal Message from our Party Chair - April 2020

We are living through strange and troubling times, unlike anything any of us have ever known before, times which we earnestly hope never to see again.

I know I am speaking on behalf of all our community when I express our sincerest condolences to all those who have been affected by loss, either directly or indirectly. The bereavement of one is the bereavement of all. We all know of someone who has been affected and I certainly feel helpless watching the invasion of such an uncontrollable virus.

Much has changed in this time and more change is yet to come. The sense that there is a thread of vulnerability binding us, at this time, gives us a moment to pause for reflection and resolve. We may reflect on the fleeting nature of our lives, reflect on what’s really of value, and resolve to overcome the inequities of our society by building a more robust and empathetic future.

We are sharply aware too, that these days of isolation and for many solitary confinement, leave us wondering what economic fate awaits once lockdown ceases.

There will be many whose lives will be transformed by this suspension and for whom adjustment to the new world will be costly and excessive. Professions and jobs, enterprises and livelihoods, will have to adapt to different circumstances, some may even disappear altogether. Others will be transformed and some may thrive anew.

We depend upon so many vital workers, workers of all skills and none, whose everyday labours give us the health care we crave and the food we need. Disease affects us all without discrimination and we have to combine together to ease its worst effects, equally without discrimination of race or ethnicity.

My feeling is that now is the time to think about how we could make the UK and the world a better place. Do we need to go back to a society based predominately on greed where the toughest and most devious win out? Let us think now how we might aim to amend our public ways and national policies to build a better Britain for us all.

Stay safe, stay Liberal, stay in touch.

Lesley Hendy - Chair of Horsham and Crawley Local Party    lesley_image.png



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