Write to the decision makers

Instructions & key messages

Please be polite – everyone deserves to be treated with respect

Tell them what matters most to you! The more you can use your own words, and describe your own personal experience of Rookwood, the more impact it will have.

Some of the key issues you might mention:

  • The houses are being built right up to the Warnham Nature Reserve boundary,
  • It endangers precious local ecology and wildlife
  • It’s much too close to flood risk areas
  • Loss of green space for locals at a time when the population is growing
  • 1100 houses is too many and Horsham has enough new houses already
  • Rookwood is essential for mental health and recreation
  • This land was promised to be kept as a local amenity
  • It will place too much pressure on traffic, GPs, schools and services
  • 50% of the profit will go to the Lucas Estate, not the town

E-mail Councillors

Please also write to Horsham District Council’s Cabinet members who will ultimately decide Rookwood’s fate.

E-mail all of the above at once.

E-mail your MP

Write to Horsham MP Jeremy Quin through his website.

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