Speaking up for our rural communities

Our area covers many villages that often feel left behind due to a lack of services and a feeling that local authorities are mainly concerned with towns in West Sussex. Henfield is one of the larger villages but it has seen the loss of facilities in recent years. This combined with the need for improvements really needs to be a feature of any future planning.

Henfield_Haven_2.jpgHenfield resident David Warren said ‘Henfield is a thriving community but since moving here I have been struck by the difference between services here and those on offer in more urban areas. All the banks have closed, our local High Street has empty units and the bus service is pretty limited. There is also a real lack of seating at bus stops which makes me very angry given the number of elderly people living here. Now we are hearing that the Haven is under threat of closure, this is a brilliant location that offers support to people with dementia and recently received an award from the Queen for its work.’

David continued ‘I am really concerned that this decline will be accelerated in this new world brought about by COVID-19. We do have a Post Office but with that particular organisation having closed so many I fear for its future. The people who live here deserve to be considered and our amazing local businesses need support as they gradually reopen following lockdown.’

Liberal Democrats have always been the champions of the rural areas and a number of our MPs represent some of Britain’s most remote communities. Our record is there for all to see and we will continue to campaign for our villages and hamlets into the future.

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