Tory Budget gives with one hand but takes with the other

7 Mar 2024
Woman looking concerned while reading a piece of paper

Horsham Liberal Democrats have labelled the Chancellor’s budget announcement today a “desperate deception”, with most people still paying more tax than 5 years ago.

Horsham Liberal Democrats say this budget will not turn the corner for local residents struggling to cope with cost of living. The Chancellor has his priorities all wrong – what we need is a rescue mission for public services, not a token tax cut just before an election.

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Horsham District, John Milne:

“Most of us will be paying more tax, not less, despite this Budget. The government has frozen personal tax allowances yet again. That means more of us are paying tax for the first time, or slipping into the higher rate band.

“What’s worse is that they propose to fund this by even more cuts in public services. You wouldn’t think there was anything left to go. 

“The reduction in National Insurance relies on the shakiest of economic forecasts and may well have to be reversed by any incoming government."

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